It is always exciting to have some fun with friends, especially when enjoying a game like strip poker while having some drinks. Things could get more exciting the more games you play; though some people might not be so happy if they are the ones always losing.

In this commercial, a group was seen playing poker. This must be the luckiest group because they had the best cards. In such a game, it really must be hard to be the loser. After all, how could the other guys have those cards and leave you with the poorest ones?

Because this was a game of strip poker, the loser was about to take off another piece of clothing when the lights were turned on. The scene that was getting more and more exciting quickly turned into something really hilarious.

You really have to watch the video to have a good laugh:

There are lots of funny banned commercials like this one available on YouTube. We could not help but laugh at this one; though we think this is quite “mild” and innocent that is shouldn’t have been banned at all.


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SF Globe