Being a mom is truly one of the world’s most difficult yet also most rewarding jobs. Motherhood does not come with a handbook; you can’t learn it in school but have to live through it to learn how to do it!

As if being a mom is not hard enough, there are those who have the added struggle of having to juggle a career with motherhood. Yes, it is her job to be a mom and to be a career woman yet I could imagine how difficult it would surely feel for her to leave her kids in the morning so she can go to work. She might leave the kids in the hands of a capable caregiver or at a day care center – yet thinking about those moments of separation could affect her concentration at work.

This is not to mention moments when the children are sick – and she still has to go to work despite not having enough sleep the previous night or needing to find someone to take care of the baby while she is out.

There are lots of things a working mom is struggling with, yet I know it is also quite rewarding to be able to provide for the child’s needs.

Check out this touching video about the struggles of a working mom…