The human body is host to various microorganisms and some parasites, like parasitic worms living inside the digestive tract – yet there are some occasions when other living organisms manage to find a way inside the body and actually thrive in an environment it was not supposed to live in!

I could not imagine how it must have felt to receive news that some weird organism is living inside your body. I would probably faint of fright and rush to the operating room to have the thing removed!

If you were in these people’s shoes, would you be as calm as many of them had been or would you freak out like I probably would? Well, I suppose the answer would depend on what type of weird organism will be found on your body but it scares me nonetheless.

Watch this video by Top10Media to discover 10 of the most horrifying living things found in a human body. Warning: Some might be too creepy to some people. Viewer discretion is advised.

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