Have you ever seen a cheerleading team throw people around as if they don’t weigh anything? Well, the video below will truly amaze you.

The girls in this team belong to the Japanese cheerleading squad who joined the biennial Cheerleading World Championship in 2011. Their incredible performance garnered them the first place in the competition, sweeping all major awards, reports the San Francisco Globe.

Moreover, the entire Japanese team was quite lucky that year, taking the Group Stunts All Female and Mixed divisions, aside from winning the All Girls division.

As you can see in the video, these girls truly made the competition look very easy as they threw girls up in the air as if they had wings which ensured they landed unto the arms of the girls who were already high above the shoulders of the teammates. It is dizzying to watch and, honestly, I was at the edge of my seat throughout the entire performance! This is truly amazing.

Watch their awesome performance here:

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SF Globe