These beautiful girls went to Zambia on a mission: have fun and try the scariest swim they could ever dare with nature’s beautiful yet scary Devil’s Pool at the Victoria Falls.

As you can see in the video, these ladies went to this awesome swimming pool to try out a death-defying stunt that many people would not dare try – I, for one, would not try this unless someone offers me a million dollars! lol

What makes their actions crazy? Well, nothing but the rock wall of the pool separates them from the very deep ravine below. One false move and they could get carried by the rushing waters over the edge! It is not called Devil’s Pool for nothing!

Of course, these girls are not the first to try swimming at the pool – nor will they be the last. It could truly be an awesome experience but it could also be deadly!

Watch their adventure below and tell us whether you would dare swim in the Devil’s Pool: