What began as a rather serious performance of “Ave Maria” quickly turns into a hilarious series of delightful songs that had the audience rolling with laughter. The group is known as The Great British Barbershop Boys.

Entitled, “Evolution of Song”, their performance first touched classical music and old songs by singers like the Beach Boys, Queen, and the Beatles – but most of the songs were done with a comical twist.

This refreshing performance then added modern music, touching songs from the Spice Girls, Britney, Robbie Williams, Eminem, etc.

True to the performance’s title, the music “evolved” towards the modern times, now including popular music from Lady Gaga, Cee Lo Green, and many others.

I especially love how they made such a comical yet fantastic performance of these songs – in a cappella! It’s like listening to Pentatonix or Home Free but in a hilarious way.

I bet music lovers will surely love this video:

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