When you wake up and head out to your daily commute at 5 o’clock in the morning, have you given thought to the people in charge of the ticket counter, the security guards, the train driver, the vendors the meet along the way, or the drivers of the jeepney or tricycle you rode?

Don’t worry. Many of us don’t really give them much thought because we were too busy with getting to our destinations or still drowsy from having to wake up early.

It is a good thing McDonalds Philippines recognized these people’s sacrifice so they can serve us, the commuters. On National Breakfast Day, McDo honored these people by providing them with a meal to start their day – so they can serve the people better.

Yes, these early risers sacrifice their sleep and because they had to be there before the people arrive. Let’s recognize their sacrifice, too, for they have surely made our lives a little bit better.