These people were all ready to rumble and fight for what they believed in – mostly because they all had opposing views about parenting.

As a parent, can you identify these stereotypes and the different groups they belong to? Different parents have different ways of raising their children yet they want to impose their beliefs on others, thinking they are the ones who are correct while the opposite group is wrong.

For example, breastfeeding moms look down on moms who bottle-feed their kids because “breast milk is superior and it comes from the source”. On the other hand, moms of bottle-fed kids believe they are on the right track and can feed their children even while they are working.

Meanwhile, working moms look down on stay-at-home moms, thinking these mothers have all the time in the world to pamper themselves. As for the opposing group, they think working moms are bad moms because they are not present the entire day.

Then, the women lash out at the men who were taking care of their kids.

They were about to fight when an accident happened. One of the moms was so angry and ready to fight that she forgot her baby for a while.

This accident brought them all together and made them realize it was crazy for them to fight over such stuff. Because no matter what type of parenting they are doing, they each loved their own kids.

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