Dawson Tamatea peacefully passed away in his sleep. Beloved by all, his students at Palmerston North Boys’ High School in Palmerston North, New Zealand decided to give him a unique send off. At his funeral, the entire school body attended. Instead of simply waving as his vehicle drove past, they blocked the way and gave a heartfelt performance that was fierce, unique, yet very touching.

The tribute came in the form of a haka, an ancient Māori war dance; thus, the students were shouting and growling in monosyllabic grunts that might sound weird to those who have not heard the chant before yet it was the highest honor they could give him.

The fierce performance actually signifies “a tribe’s pride, strength and unity”, according to site newzealand.com. These boys adore their teacher and performing the haka on his funeral was their way of paying tribute to a great man.

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