These Twins were Born as Brothers…Until One Made a Strong-Willed Declaration

Max and Moses Cowley were born just minutes apart from each other. The differences between the fraternal twins were soon magnified as the two grew – and one of them began to exhibit girly qualities. Although Moses remained a boy in everything he does, Max began to identify himself as female and would enjoy wearing flamboyant clothing he raids from their mother’s closet.

Max is happiest when wearing dresses, makeup, and sparkly jewelry while Moses wore regular clothes for boys.

Photo credit: Mirror UK
Photo credit: Mirror UK

Mom Krizzy was quite supportive of Max’s choices; though dad Sam had some reservations; although she did not tolerate it at first.

At age three, Max asked if he could be a girl but Krizzy told him that is not physically possible because he had male reproductive organs. Still, Krizzy did not mind that he raided her closet for dresses.

Photo credit: Mirror UK
Photo credit: Mirror UK

Krizzy became truly concerned, however, when Max wanted Barbie’s Dream Boat for fifth birthday. She thought that the child might hate her someday, saying she brought this on him as she allowed him to have girly things as a child. She spoke with specialists. Still, it was not until she watched a documentary on transgender children by Louis Theroux TV she finally came to accept Max as a girl.

Krizzy and Sam finally allowed Max to be a girl – and he’s calling himself Mia now. The family “mourned” for the “loss” of Max but welcomed a girl in the family. Six-year-old Mia is now sharing a room with younger twin sisters, aged three.

Though he started school as Max, he returned as Mia the following year. Krizzy was scared of what Mia would be facing in school and spoke with the school officials who were just as confused as she was over what they should do with the child; but they eventually allowed Max to register as Mia.

Photo credit: Mirror UK
Photo credit: Mirror UK

Strong-willed as ever and determined that he is now a girl, Mia had no trouble announcing the transition. Here’s Krizzy’s account:

At the end of the first day they do show and tell. Mia stood up and showed her hair clip. A boy in her class said, ‘That’s a girl’s hair clip’ and she went ‘Yes, I know, I’m a girl now. My name is Mia.

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