It is a reality in life that we all grow old and die – no one grows younger, that is for sure (unless he found the legendary philosopher’s stone or the fountain of youth, of course). In several countries, the elderly are placed in nursing homes so that someone can take good care of them as their family are often busy with work or are not capable of caring for old people.

Although seen as an ideal solution to finding someone to care for the old, this brings a new form of problem: depression and the feeling of isolation. So, what can be done to combat this problem aside from introducing various activities to these old people?

In Providence Mount St. Vincent, a facility catering to 400 elderly residents has found an excellent solution: build a day care inside the nursing home. The kids spend time with the old people, learning something from these wise elderly while also providing them with something to laugh and smile about.

This unique form of therapy has changed the lives of the facility’s elderly residents. They find more reasons to smile about and more reasons to cherish the moments they have left on earth while reminiscing about their youth or about raising their own family once upon a time.

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