We have heard a lot of stories concerning loyal dogs regularly returning to their owners’ grave to take vigil, in hopes that the human will somehow come back as the canines probably did not realize their owners are already dead.

Netizen Vesna Mihajloski from Serbia shared a story concerning one dog she found digging under a gravestone at the cemetery. At first, she thought the creature was trying to “rescue” its owner.

After observing the creature for some time, Vesna came to realize that the dog was not really trying to bust its owner out but was actually protecting several puppies she had birthed in that graveyard hole! The clever dog had managed to dig a small cavern under the gravestone where her puppies had snugly fallen asleep in while she was out looking for food. What a protective mama!

Vesna took pity on the dogs and decided to bring them home. She named the brave dog as “Mama”. They now love their new home! Thanks for Vesna’s curiosity, Mama never has to dig graves for her babies anymore. Vesna also had Mama spayed and her pups neutered.

Check out the touching photos here: