A group of old people approached some youngsters at the skateboard park, not to admonish them for safety concerns but to challenge them to something they readily accepted: letting an old man try skating.

What with bad backs, arthritis, and frail bones, you would surely not expect an old man to go skating – especially in special skate parks like this one equipped with ramps, bowls, and all the works.

For the youngsters, it was simply a matter of time before grandpa gives up and leaves the skateboarding to the young ones. Well, this old man is a force to reckon with. After a few failed attempts, he made a dash to the bowl and was soon shocking the youngsters with his flips and turns.

Surely, this was no ordinary grandpa – and it is definitely not his first time to skate! Well, this was actually just a prank and this old guy was not a real old man but youngster Danny Leon, a pro skateboarder.

Still, it was funny to watch the youngsters’ faces as their laughter turned to admiration of this old man who could easily beat them at skateboarding. Nice one, grandpa!

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