Have you ever wondered how it would feel to have a snake wrapping its slippery form on your body? Well, you can actually experience that at Cebu City Zoo!

What’s even more fantastic (or horrific, depending on your views about snakes) is that you can choose as many snakes as you want on your body!

In the video shared by Caters TV, people were shown enjoying the snake massage where several snakes are placed on top of their bodies.

In the first part of the clip, a woman could be seen wrapped in a mass of snakes, with only her head free to move. She was asking someone to pull the snakes’ heads away from her own head.

The second person featured on the vid was braver, even asking the handlers to move the snakes this way and that so as to let the creatures put pressure on parts of his body he wanted to have massaged. He actually loved the snakes on his body!

There was one moment when he noticed how one of the snakes is trying to constrict its body on his neck but even then, he was so cool about it. I would have freaked out by then!

Watch the crazy snake moments here: