If two guys sing two different songs simultaneously, what would happen? Well, in most cases the effect would be disastrous because they won’t be producing music; they would be making noise, instead.

Now, artist Sam Tsui is known for his mashups of two different songs into one. Some are not so great but there are others that are simply amazing.

Take for example his mashup of two different songs by Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran for the songs “Thinking Out Loud” and “I’m Not The Only One”. This he sang together with Casey Breves.

Who would have thought that two different songs by two different artists could sound so great when sang by two different singers? You’ll have to listen for yourself so you will believe what I am saying.

The combination is awesome; though some would swear watching the video using 1.25 speed [works on desktop/laptop] makes it sound even better.

Here’s the video:

If you tried the 1.25-speed version, feel free to tell us whether you think it was better than the normal one…

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