You might know a lot about parenthood based on your observations of other parents (as in, you know the things you don’t want to happen!) and based on what you read in books yet, I tell you, no one can really be prepared for parenthood.

Yes, we all probably love to have kids – one, two, or as many as possible – yet when the kids arrive, can you really follow through all your plans about parenthood and apply everything you learned from the books you read?

There’s this commercial by California-based Munchkin baby products featuring two parents who thought they knew everything about parenthood.

While the mommy was pregnant, they talked about the things that would happen when the baby arrives, the rules they will follow, the things they will do, etc. But just as every real parent would learn, they would later realize that their kid is bound to change all their plans, change all their rules.

Check out this video every parent can surely relate with…

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