There are people who are blessed with natural fertility that they do not have to worry about having kids but there are also those who face the struggle of finding a way to have a child. Such a journey is heartbreaking to everyone involved – that is for sure.

Now, Mark and Maureen are a little different from most parents who were looking for a child. They actually have three biological children of their own yet feel like they still need one more child to complete the family. Sadly, Maureen could no longer conceive on her own; thus, they decided to adopt.

After they were approved as prospective parents, Maureen began buying clothes for a baby girl, furniture, and various things a baby would need. She also painted the nursery. But things did not work out as planned. It took two years before they were finally given a baby to call their own.

…and it was not as they had imagined as well. The baby was born so sick that it was quickly brought to the neonatal ICU (NICU). She spent days in NICU but Maureen and Mark were there are her side.

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