Thief Incriminates Himself by Writing His Own Motivational Stealing Tips

A man in his 20s from Chengdu, China, recently arrested because of suspected burglary, has been taking his ‘profession’ seriously, as he was not only mastering his craft, he made it organized by writing down notes and keeping a record of his crimes.

Image from Sohu

Late last December after arresting the said man, police has found a notebook in his possession where detailed tips on how to properly and successfully carry out a crime were recorded. It is also in the said notebook where he wrote down reminders to himself whenever he was about to commit a crime.

Image from Sohu

The man wrote down various crime routes and hand drew maps marking the location of several police stations along the way. In clean and neat handwriting, he wrote down several self-reminders such as ‘Take only cash, gold vessels, alcohol and cigarettes’ and ‘Escape quickly, hide, take cover, and run far away’, among others.  He also reminded himself not to be sluggish while stealing and to conform and take the easy way out.

Image from Sohu

He even evaluated his own ‘performance’ after completing a planned robbery.

The discovery of the said notebook went viral on social media. Netizens were quick to call the man ‘the most inspirational thief in history’ and admired him for his dedication, had he chosen a different path.

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