One way a couple can express how they are both happy and in love with each other is through wearing of identical clothing, more commonly known as couple shirts/couple outfits. These includes matching shirts, but could also include other items like jackets, shoes or accessories.  This not only shows how sweet the couples are with each other , but also they are proud to display how in love they are, for all the world to see.

Meet the adorable couple, Mr. Donald and Mrs. Nancy Featherstone, the couple who wore the same outfits for 35 years!


When they began dating,  Nancy knew that Donald had been raised very formally; this is the reason why he always wore a suit and tie. So, she convinced him to loosen up a little.

One very hot day, when Donald visited, Nancy suggested that he take his tie off and instead, wear the short-sleeved shirt she made him, knowing full well that Donald will not refuse so as not to hurt her feelings.



When they were married, Nancy, after checking that it was fine with Donald, carried on making Donald’s shirts — and with the leftover fabrics from what she used, she also made matching outfits for herself. It has been that way since the Easter of 1978; that is why over the years, they have already filled their closets with their couple outfits!

At first, they only wore their matching clothes during weekends, but as the years passed and Nancy got better at sewing, they started to wear almost everything alike, everyday!

That’s totally adorable! :)



People loved and enjoyed how they look, and the couple would often get lots of compliments from them.


They now have wardrobes of twin outfits, organized by occasion and season. When asked to describe their style, the couple answered traditional—and that they are not concerned about following fashion.





They take turns on deciding what outfit to wear.


I am really in awe of this couple.

Wishing them many many many more years of couple-outfit happiness!

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