With over 45,500 followers on Instagram, you would think user aliencatmatilda was some sort of celebrity but this was really just a cat with rather unusual features: large, glassy eyes that appear to be too large and opaque for a feline.

Matilda was actually born with a condition that caused the lens of her eyes to detach progressively; though his owners – candidly calling themselves on Instagram as her “servants” – did not immediately know what was happening to her at first.

She belongs to “The Bearded Man”, “The Lady”, and “Dog”; it was The Lady who freaked out after seeing her eyes regularly enlarge that she brought him to the vet who thought she was “going crazy”. After unfruitful check-ups at the vet, The Lady asked the rescue society where they had gotten Matilda.

It turns out her siblings also experienced the same condition: spontaneous lens luxation.

So, Matilda’s “servants” let her be and finally realized she did not need surgery. Now completely blind, Matilda may not be able to enjoy the same stuff that other cats do to have fun but how many cats are famous on Instagram, anyway? This surely makes Matilda a cut above the rest – this surely makes her condition less pitiable.

What do you think of Matilda?

This is my tissue paper. Do you like it? #mine #catsofinstgram #cat #caturday #cute #kitty #alien

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