This ‘Conjuring 2’ Caregiver Prank is Almost as Scary as the Movie!

What would you have done in this scenario: you are a caregiver and you were instructed by a lady to wake her daughter and give her medicine and then suddenly, strange things start to happen as if you’re in the same scene in the movie.

The Conjuring 2 is out in theaters now and it might have gotten everyone scared and terrified; but this prank takes it to a whole new level as it takes a step further. Director James Wan paired up with Brazilian show Câmera Escondida to make what may be one of the most terrifying prank videos based around the horror movie — which pranks caregivers into thinking they’re in a scene in the movie.

In the video, director James gives a short introduction to the prank before he put the prank into action.

Once the alarm rings, though, and the caregivers approach the girl to wake her, the girl starts screaming, objects start flying across the room, and the crucifixes on the wall start turning upside down. Even the girl herself flies up in the air before landing back on the bed, unconscious.

The victims of the prank were caregivers sent to tend to a young woman. Here is the setup: the victim is told that they need to wake up a sick girl and give her medicine. But then, when they try to wake her up, she reveals herself to be Exorcist-style possessed, with all sorts of classic horror movie craziness.

The first phase of the prank includes crosses hanging on the wall flip upside down while the doors of the room become locked. The second phase, the victims see the woman stick to the wall and the final act featured another actress emerge from a wardrobe dressed as a blood-stained demonic nun. Pretty scary, right?

What would you have done if you were in their shoes? Watch the terrifying prank below.

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