This Couple Took This Smiling Selfie After Filing for Divorce! Unbelievable #DivorceSelfie

While most couples filing for divorce are hostile and trying to avoid the other party as much as possible, Chris and Shannon Neuman did something that might be totally unexpected in divorcing couples: they took a smiling selfie!

The shot was taken just outside Calgary Courts Centre in downtown Calgary, Canada after the two filed for divorce. Shannon posted the picture of Facebook, with a lengthy explanation as to why they took the photo, why they were smiling in the photo, and why they were divorcing – the last one is quite necessary considering how happy they seemed to appear in this photo.

It had us wondering whether they were genuinely happy to be with each other or glad that they are divorcing. It turns out the latter was the actual explanation; though it is not as simple as we thought. After all, who enjoys getting divorced, anyway?

Check out Shannon’s Facebook post here and tell us what you think…

Here’s Chris Neuman and I yesterday after filing for divorce! But we’re smiling?! Yep, we’re kooky like that. Are we…

Posted by Shannon Neuman on Thursday, August 27, 2015

Could this spark a new trend in divorcing couples? Weird. Just weird…

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