Firefighters responding to a fire alarm were horrified to find a huge part of the house already engulfed in flames – with the family still inside! Mike Hughes was among the first to enter the house. He was the one who saved 9-month-old Danielle Davison from the fire which could have taken her life if the firefighters arrived a few minutes too late.


Photo credit: Bright Side

It was just another job for the firefighters, and Mike did not know what happened to the young child he saved. Then, several years later, he felt curious as to what has become of the baby he saved. After finding her on Facebook, he sent her a message, “I think I once pulled you out of a fire when you were still a very little girl.

All he wanted was to know how she had become but this small gesture sparked a friendship – and the two soon became close friends. Not only was Mike her savior, he is also now among her close friends!

Photo credit: Bright Side

Photo credit: Bright Side

Some seventeen years after the fire, Danielle invited Mike to attend her graduation day. In her speech, she expressly thanked the fireman, “Mike’s presence here is really important to me. I always cry from happiness when I think about how everything could have been so different. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you.

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