What can a 16-month-old baby do? I’m pretty sure by this age, most kids already know how to walk and talk a few words.

Now, would you believe that a 16-month-old baby already knows how to read? Hmmmm. Sounds crazy, right? Well, not really.

In the video we share below, a boy named Torin will surely amaze you. This young lad knows a lot of words for such a small kid. Even if his words are not so well emphasized, it is clear that he already knows how to read! What an amazing kid.

How come this kid learned to read to early? Well, he’s got awesome parents who placed him on the “Your Baby Can Read program”, reports MetaSpoon. It really is quite fantastic to see such a small kid read those words out or identify specific words out of the jumbled flashcards.

I think I might start my babies on this program, pronto!

Watch this awesome kid here:

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