When they found a giant egg among the smaller, regular eggs, they wondered what could be inside it. After all, we’ve never heard of twin chicks inside an egg – so it would be very surprising if this giant egg had two yolks!

Of course, there’s always this possibility that the egg only contains just one yolk, while the rest is lots and lots of egg white.

Or could this be another creature’s egg? But it looks a whole lot similar to the other eggs that it could be nothing more than a rather large chicken egg. Hmmmm.

So, what do you think is inside this giant egg?

To find out, they opened the egg but made sure to record it for posterity. What they found out was quite amazing. I didn’t know that is even possible! But I won’t tell you about it. LOL. You have to find out for yourself, so I won’t spoil the surprise for you.

Here’s the video: