Tyson wanted to propose to Hayley but had no idea how to perfectly execute the proposal. Then, he had this bright idea of letting her plan her own proposal – but, of course, she should not know about it.

Thus, the perfect plan was created. Tyson’s mom called Hayley so they can throw Tyson a ‘surprise’ birthday party. Hayley was excited about the prospect of organizing a surprise party for Tyson, not knowing she was planning her own proposal party.

She invited their friends to the venue but it was actually Tyson and his friends who decorated the place. Tyson was also feeding his mom tidbits of suggestions for Hayley.

On the day of the surprise party/proposal, everything happened as planned. The couple had an early date at a restaurant before proceeding to the party venue.

Hayley had so much fun thinking about her plans and what would happen at the party. She also had a good laugh about Tyson’s reaction after they blindfolded him. What she did not know is that the surprise party is going to surprise her, not him.

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