Contests are everywhere. From TV program competitions, contests from magazines, books, online etc., there are thousands of contests that you can join. Meet Andrew Lloyd, the 22-year old guy who entered 1,000 different contests, sweepstakes, and competitions to see how many prizes he could win and taped his efforts in a short video. He made three simple rules for himself to follow. Here are the three:

1. Enter 20 competitions a day.
2. Don’t enter the same competition twice, and
3. Begin immediately.

At the rate of 20 contests per day, he would be spending 50 days altogether for the 1000 contests without ever joining the same one twice (imagine that!). He did this to find out if he would win any free stuff, just like what happened when he was only 12 years old. After doing the contests, Lloyd had to wait for four months before he started to get results and find out how many of the 1,000 contests he won.

I salute his dedication!

Do you think he won something from the 1000 contests he entered? Find out for yourself by hitting the play button below!

What do you think? Would you be able to do this like what Lloyd did? Share with us your thoughts and comments below…


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