WATCH: This Guy Lives in a Plane in the Middle of the Woods

Most of us prefer to live in a house since that is the regular way to live. But some people would just do the extraordinary to have something to live in. Take for instance this guy who lives in secluded place in Portland, Oregon.  He bought an entire airplane and has turned it into his home.

Who would have thought of that?

Bruce Campbell is an engineer, who likes to be creative.  He bought a Boeing 727 and has since ‘upcycled it into an unusual and innovative home.’

airplane joint
Guy lives in a Boeing 727. Image by Mirror

According to Wikipedia, the Boeing 727 is ‘a mid-sized jet with a narrow body, which was built by Boeing Commercial Airplanes from the early 1960s to 1984. It has a capacity to carry 149 to 189 passengers.’

airplane 5
Image by the Mirror

Right now, it has a make shift tower, but he isn’t going to stop there since he plans on installing a ‘working lavatory.’ In the future, he hopes to install some of the planes interior elements such as the lighting and the seating.

airplane 2
Here is the inside of the plane. Image by the Mirror

However, he doesn’t live there for an entire year since he spends half of the year in Japan.  He does have plans to do the same in his home in Japan.

airplane 3
Another view of the inside of the plane. Image by the Mirror

The 10 acres Oregon property cost him $23,000 and was bought during his 20s but the plane that he added cost him around $220,000.

If a conventional home is a legacy age family Chevy or Ford, an airliner home is a fresh new Tesla or Porsche Carrera,” Bruce said.

He added that he bought the plane to save it from getting scrapped.

This wasn’t his original idea since, initially, he was trying to convert freight vans into a home but when he heard someone doing the same with the plane, he had a change of heart and has since converted the plane into a home.

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