This is Definitely the Best Selfie in the World and It’s For Real! Here’s What Actually Happened Behind the Scenes

A snapshot of two guys enjoying a camping trip at the bottom of the sea looks so unreal that many netizens were quick to say it was surely edited yet the truth was actually incredible because the entire photo is for real!

It just took some careful placement of their props – such as the tent, table, laptop, and chair – on the seafloor and perfect timing for them to capture the perfect shot.

Photo credit: Facebook/Loaded Magazine
Photo credit: Facebook/Loaded Magazine – @akukembara

But while the snapshot looks incredible, it did require hard work on their part; and such could be seen in the short clip they shared of what actually happened behind the scenes. Still, you’ve got to admire their creativity.

For us, it really is the best selfie in the world. Can you tell us whether you’ve seen something better?