If you have some $2 million just lying in the bank, why not use it to create a stunning swimming pool just like the one featured in the video below?

This stunning pool is surely everyone’s dream pool. It comes complete with a scenic landscape, matching waterfalls where the kids can jump from, a brook, a beautiful lake, fountains, and green foliage.

…but wait! Did you know this pool also has its own spot for diving – as in scuba diving! – purposes because the owner loves to dive? That’s crazily awesome, isn’t it? Just imagine having a place where you can go diving like you were a thousand miles away, in some tropical island. Beautiful.

There are many ways to get into the waters of this stunning pool. You can go in the usual aka ‘boring’ way or enjoy the daring ones. There’s a cave you can enter where you can slide in to the waters or you can choose to climb up the red rocks to jump into the water from the top of the ‘waterfalls’ above the pool.

Check out this wonderful video of the awesome swimming pool: