In a world full of evil [and lots of good, of course], it is great to start the kids in self-defense as young as they can. It would help them in the future – not just in defending themselves but also in instilling discipline they could transform into their daily lives.

So, the parents of 3-year-old Sophie Wong enrolled her at a Taekwondo school for lessons. Well, she was not the first in the family to attend the school as her 6-year-old older brother and personal inspiration had enrolled there first.

Determined to be just like her brother, little Sophie tried the best she could in everything the instructor tells her to do. In the adorable video uploaded by Leeds Taekwondo, she repeats the student creed after her instructor.

As the youngest student in the school, you’ll have to excuse Sophie for missing out on some words but her speech was clearly adorable.

You’ll surely smile while watching this cute video:

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