This Miracle Baby is the “Oldest” Baby in the World… And He’s on Guinness!

A baby is certainly the youngest one could ever be but did you know that there is one baby who might be so young now but he could have been older than you? Well, that sounds like a very confusing statement but you’ll understand once you learn about his unique story.

Born in June 2015, Xavier Powell currently holds the Guinness World Record as the world’s “oldest” baby after he was conceived using the oldest human sperm.

His father, Alex Powell, was only 15 years old when he was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Before he underwent chemotherapy, his stepmother Patricia thought it would be a good idea if he made a sperm bank deposit just in case the cancer treatment affects his reproductive system.

Patricia’s hindsight proved to be correct. Alex survived the cancer and lived on to become a chiropractor but he was infertile. When he finally met the love of his life, Vi, the two tried to have a baby but failed – until they went through IVF using the frozen sperm from 23 years ago.

Although “old” sperm from banks have been used to conceive babies, these are often limited to 10-year-old sperms. So, Xavier is the first ever recorded case wherein a 23-year-old sperm was used. Technically, Xavier is 23 years older than his actual age, so this made him the “oldest” baby in the world.

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