It is said that a mother would do anything and everything she could to save the life of her children, even if it means risking her own so the child might have a chance of surviving. Apparently, such does not just apply to humans but extends to the animal kingdom as well!

In a video shared on YouTube by Caters TV, a mother elephant could be seen digging into a muddy ground while people looked on. It turns out the elephant has been digging for 11 hours just to save its baby trapped inside a well in that ground.

Now, you might say the people were cruel because they were merely watching the elephant yet they did not risk trying to help as the creature could run amok and trample them to death. So, they simply watched and waited for the baby to be finally freed from the well.

The rescue mission took too long because the mother sometimes push back the mud towards the well in her anguish.

Thankfully, after hours of laboring on the muddy ground, the mother was finally able to grab hold of the baby using her trunk.

Watch the heartbreaking rescue here:

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