All throughout history, a lot of people have been mummified. Mummies were often created because of the area’s custom or because of unexpected natural reasons such as the corpse frozen in ice.

There are many cases, however, when the mummies are not just shrouded in linens but also with a cloak of mystery. For example, when archaeologists dug up a strange grave site in Greenland dating back to 1460 CE, they found two groups of corpses buried closely on top of one another.

Photo credit: Hybrid Librarian

Photo credit: Hybrid Librarian

They also found a strange mummy of a child who appeared to have been buried alive. There appears to be no apparent reason for this, so archaeologists theorized he could have been buried along with his mother because no one would take care of him anymore. That is quite terrifying! Didn’t he have other relatives who could have taken him in? Creepy…

This child is not the only mysterious mummy in the world, of course. There are others like him.

Watch the video to check out other strange mummies:

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