Musician Roger Ridley was just having fun while singing “Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay” by himself in a quiet street where several people have gathered to watch him perform.

His music is wonderful and his voice superb. It is easy to dance to the rhythm of his music. Soon, people began to give him some money for his awesome music.

But the story does not stop there…

You see, Roger is part of a group called Playing for Change – and they are doing an awesome feat here. While Roger is playing, other musicians began to join him…but they are located in other parts of the world!

Roger is playing in Santa Monica, USA. Grandpa Elliott joins him from New Orleans. Then, Blind Boy Paxton plays along while he is in New York City and Peter Bunetta taps his percussions in Los Angeles.

The list is quite long. Washboard Chaz is in New Orleans. Rudson Daniel and Enio Taquari are in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, where Cicinho De Assis is also based but playing in another location. Char joins from Tokyo, Japan, while Roberto Luti plays in Livorno, Italy.

In the streets of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Pedro Aune and Pretinho da Serrinha join the others; though they are playing in separate spots. Also in Rio de Janeiro are Thiago Queiroz, Leandro Joaquim, and Marco Rafael with their instruments.

In Havana, Cuba, musicians Braily Ramos, Carlos Puig-Hatem, and Felipe Lamoglia are playing instruments while by a quiet pond in Tokyo, Japan, Hideki Togi is also quietly playing his own piece.

The resulting music is truly magical. Perhaps, if you were listening to the musicians while they played at their individual spots, you might not appreciate what he was doing but the overall effect of all their efforts is something that surpasses all expectations.

Watch the incredible video here: