How many of this year’s top hits can you sing in just 2.5 minutes? Well, with each song averaging over 2 minutes long, you would be lucky to squeeze in two songs within 2.5 minutes.

So, it was nice to hear how this pair managed to sing 12 of 2014’s top hits within that time frame!

Alright, that sounds quite incredulous but no one said anything about singing an entire song before moving on to the next one, right?

You have to listen to this beautiful pair sing great music together. They call themselves as “Us the Duo”.

The video has gone viral on YouTube, gaining close to 3 million views just over a week after it was uploaded. Of course, it is easy to see why the video went viral – it was truly awesome!

…and if you are already a fan of these two, then you know that they are known for medleys like this. It is their sort of ‘trademark’, something that has gained them the attention of the netizens and online sites such as iHeartRadio and BuzzFeed.

You can expect more features of Us the Duo on BuzzFlare, too.

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Us the Duo