A busy commuter, Amanda Curtis, in New York City just happened to glance up in the sky to find this stunning, rare sight: a quadruple rainbow! She quickly snapped a photo and posted it on Facebook before catching up with her train because she heard it coming.

I bet she would have taken more photos if the train was arriving.

As expected, the photo quickly went viral on the social media as people, including myself, were amazed at this wonderful opportunity to see 4 rainbows at the same time. Though I’ve seen a lot of double rainbows, this is the first time I’ve seen four – but sad to say in photo only. I wish I was right there to see this stunning spectacle…

Raymond Lee, a professor of meteorology at the U.S. Naval Academy, said the rainbow was not really a quadruple rainbow as was already getting around on social media. He said it was merely two double rainbows on opposite sides of sky, likening it to bookends – that’s why the rainbows at the middle looked like they were overlapping.

Well, authentic “quadruple” rainbow or not, the sight of 4 rainbows at the same time is enough to make mere mortals freak out. I absolutely love it! What do you think of this?