After his tour of duty in Iraq, a soldier goes home to surprise his son. Mommy was waiting with the camera at a ready while the soldier proceeds to wake their son up.

His wife told him the child would surely yell but he should make sure to give space for her to record his actual expression.

The soldier begins kissing the boy, telling him “Daddy’s here”. He continues to kiss and tickle the boy, yet the small one remained fast asleep. He even tried shaking the boy a bit and putting him on sitting position – yet the boy just refused to wake up!

In the middle of the clip, the boy opened his eyes. Upon seeing his dad, he smiled, then rolled on the bed and went back to sleep. His dad thought he was already awake but the smiling boy was already fast asleep, perhaps believing that he was having such a wonderful dream wherein his dad was already home, not knowing it was actually real.

They coaxed him awake one more time. He smiled and hugged his dad – then, went back to sleep! An older boy asked him if he missed his dad and he replied “yes” but despite the smiles, he was still asleep.

Still, even if the surprise did not go as planned, the soldier was happy. It was clear he loved his son a lot and the boy loves him, too.

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