Who said you have to be skinny to find love? Fifty two-year-old Gayla Neufeld has an 8-foot belly and is super-sized, something that she has long accepted. She loves her body despite it not being what society dictates her body should be – and her husband is madly in love with her, too!

Lance is a truck driver she met on a fat-fetish forum called Bulge Chat, reports BarCroft TV. It was love at first site. When they finally met face to face, Lance was so overwhelmed by her beauty and how large her belly was – he really loves it! They were soon married and are now living in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada.

Would you also believe that Gayla has a lucrative modeling career because of her super-sized body? It is wonderful how this body-confident woman has learned to love her body and achieve something that many of her size don’t: finding true love and getting accepted for her size.

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