With babies, it is never alright to take things for granted. We should also never underestimate what they are capable of doing or what they would do next.

It is always important to think of your baby’s safety. Childproofing is very important in your home, especially when the toddler already knows how to crawl and climb.

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In the home safety video created and shared by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, a dummy of a child is used to graphically show just what would happen if a toddler climbs a piece of furniture but then it topples over.

The demonstrations are shot at different angles and feature several different types of television sets just to prove the point.

Some of those who watch the video may think that, well, these so-called tips are just too obvious. Why would anyone leave a child alone inside a room with a television? Why would you leave a child alone in a room, anyway? Or things like that. Well, sometimes there are circumstances that could not be predicted…Why wait for that to happen? Prevention is always better than cure!

Please watch the video below…this could save your baby’s life:

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