How do you plan on celebrating your wedding anniversary?

To celebrate their tenth year as a married couple, the husband decided to do something extra special. He enlisted the help of their two sweet kids as well as supportive family and friends. This is something truly awesome because she gets a lovely wedding proposal AND a surprise wedding.

But first, she has to be blindfolded by her friends so she would not see the people along the driveway. She was brought to their house for a quick change of clothes.

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Then, at the door, her husband removes her blindfold and the band began to play…It really was beautiful to watch. She was shocked to see all these people at the driveway as her husband led the way. An all-girls choir also serenaded them as they walked.

However, it was when their two kids appeared carrying a large sign which read, “Will you marry me…again?” that she truly looked pleased.

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