How much do you love your mother? Well, this is something that is not really easy to measure because love knows no bounds. Even kids can show just how much their love their mothers.

In this video entitled “Garbage Man”, a young boy draws the picture of the Garbage Man as a superhero. He explains in detail the uniform and gadgets his superhero uses to fight crime, errrr, clean garbage from the streets.

The teacher knew there was something to this drawing because he also described things he is willing to do for his mom. In the classroom, she could not find the young boy – because he had dashed out so he could help his mother sweep the streets.

The kids told the teacher how the child would do this every day so he could assist his mother how met an accident the previous year and whose knees would sometimes ache while she work. The child would “transform” to Garbage Man so he could do the sweeping for her and get the job done faster for them to get home together.

What a wonderful child.

Watch the sweet video here: