Three Women Who Were the Only Passengers in their Flight, Received Rockstar Treatment from British Airways

While most people fight for vacant airplane seats in the busy holiday season, these 3 friends were the only passengers in a flight from Gibraltar to London Heathrow last December 18th.

Photo: SWNS

Laura Stevens, 34, and her friends Sarah Hunt, 35, and Laurie-Lin Waller, 33, received rockstar treatment from British Airways. They were late for their flight but they were lucky because the flight was delayed. Furthermore, it turns out that the rest of the passengers were already accommodated in an earlier flight so they were the only ones left.

Photo: SWNS

They were later upgraded from economy to business class and they had the crew’s full attention. They drank unlimited champagne and took selfies throughout the 2.5 hour flight. They got to have a very rare non-pilot cockpit selfie and they were also treated with a three-course meal.

Photo: SWNS

They felt like they were celebrities during the flight. According to Laura, “It was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience that we’ll never forget.

Laura added, “We can’t thank BA enough – they made our Christmas!

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