When a three-year-old began talking weird and telling stories about his “past” life, the adults did not take him seriously at first. Why should they? Toddlers are wont to making up stories, especially at the stage when they create their imaginary friends. Many parents learn to simply try to act like they believe the made up stories.

Then, one day, the young boy led them to a spot where he said he was buried after he was murdered. If you were this child’s parent, would you begin digging at the spot? Well, I will – and his parents did, too.

After a few minutes of digging, they were shocked to find a skeleton! By now they should already be taking him seriously. So, he told them he was murdered using an ax – and led them to the spot where it was buried! Creepy, really creepy.

You should watch this video to learn more about this creepy story: