One toddler was truly confused when he was placed between a pair of twins wearing the same outfit. It did not matter than the other one was screaming at the top of her lungs while the other one was cool about the situation.

He looks at one side, then to the other. His face was the picture of confusion. He could understand why the little girl was able to reach his other side that fast.

He kept on looking at the baby on his left then at the baby on his right, then back again. For a young boy, the situation was truly difficult to understand.

Although many people loved the video, a lot were also complaining about the mother being more interested in filming the encounter than soothing the crying baby. However, many also defended the mother, saying the clip was just 31 seconds long and there’s nothing wrong about letting a baby cry out for a few seconds.

Picking up the baby as soon as it cries is a no-no to many parents, especially to twins who would want to constantly get their parents’ attention. This video is still a subject of an on-going debate. So, which side are you on?