Everyone loves toys – be it kids or adults. Adults have different versions of toys (such as cars or drones for grown up men) from kids but there are toys that are just too harmful to be in the hands of kids that we wonder how on earth these were approved for manufacturing and selling.

Of course, these were probably marketed in a different way and that safety issues must have been overlooked because the toys do not appear to be dangerous at first but users learned the painful truth after buying them.

One of the worst examples listed by Danger Dolan in a video on YouTube includes the Creepy Crawlers oven set which kids can operate like a real oven, complete with electricity and heat! Supposedly, the goal for this toy set is to allow the kids to use their imagination to create as many as 100 different creepy crawlers.

Aside from getting burned from the oven’s heat, the chemicals used to create the creepy crawlers also emitted toxic fumes, says Danger Dolan.

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