Tourist Tries to Cheat Zoo by Climbing Over Fence, Ends Up Getting Mauled to ***** by the Tigers

A man went to the zoo with his family and a friend, but ends up **** after he tried to cheat the zoo by climbing over the fence so he wouldn’t have to buy a ticket — only to end up getting mauled by the tigers!

According to reports, the victim who was identified only as a Mr. Zhang had gone to Youngor Zoo in Ningbo City, China with his wife and kids as well as a friend identified only as a Mr. Li. While the man bought tickets for his wife and kids, he and Li decided to climb the zoo’s 10-feet fence in hopes they could cheat the zoo.

Photo credit: CGTN News

The wall did seem too short for a zoo and the men were able to scale it but they did not anticipate that they were over the tigers’ enclosure until Zhang jumped and was mauled by the felines. Li watched in horror as his friend got mauled by the tigers; he was later ********.

Other zoo visitors also watched in horror as Zhang got attacked by the tigers; many took photos and shared these on social media. Others tried to help the zoo staff distract the tiger from his prey by shouting as the staff lit firecrackers and used a water cannon; but nothing worked.

Photo credit: CGTN News

The zoo staff were forced to shoot the tiger to save Zhang but he would later succumb to his injuries at the hospital. The zoo’s response to the incident angered netizens who believe that the tiger did nothing wrong as it was only acting on instinct.

Visitors were immediately evacuated from the zoo soon after the incident and the facility has been closed since then.

Zoo officials insist, however, that there were plenty of signs posted across the zoo discouraging people from climbing the walls and getting too close to the animals to prevent such accidents from happening but the two men ignored the signs.

As of press time, the fate of the zoo remains unknown.