While most kids hers age were playing with toys, Alyssa Carson was already training to become an astronaut. Thanks to her supportive dad, Alyssa has been training with NASA since she was roughly 4 years old and has gone through three of NASA’S world space camps, becoming the first person to have ever achieved such a feat.

For Alyssa, becoming an astronaut is her biggest dream but being the first person to step on Mars is her ultimate goal. According to a video released by BBC News, NASA believes Alyssa stands a good chance at being the first astronaut to reach Mars considering a lot of factors, including her age and the length of training she’s had just to become part of this future mission.

But does her family have to say about this? Well, Bert Carson, Alyssa’s dad believes his daughter has what it takes to become the first person on Mars – and would not mind not seeing her again as long as she fulfills her biggest dream. Surely, he would be the world’s proudest dad when that moment arrives!

Watch this young girl’s story in this video: