Traveler Gets Arrested after Wearing Several Layers of Clothes to Avoid Paying Excess Baggage Fees

Every traveler knows how expensive the fees are for excess baggage on airplanes; thus, many are trying to find the perfect travel ‘hacks’ to get around paying the exorbitant fees. But one guy ended up getting arrested after he tried to cheat his way so he would not be asked to pay for the excess charges.

Ryan Carney Williams, who uses the handle Ryan Hawaii on Twitter, learned the hard way that these travel hacks might be clever but you could get arrested – and miss your flight!

He was on his way to England after a vacation in Iceland but the British Airways ground crew asked him to pay for his excess baggage. Claiming he had not money to pay for the excess baggage and could not afford the fees, he proceeded to wear the items so his checked in luggage would fit the maximum weight.

Photo credit: Twitter / Ryan Hawaii

Williams donned ten shirts and eight pairs of pants to ‘fix’ the issue but British Airways staff would not accept this, saying he has to pay for the excess baggage and not wear the excess items.

While Williams probably thinks he’s quite clever to wear all those excess clothes, he had actually put himself in danger as this could lead to overheating and other health issues – it would also be difficult for him to move while wearing all those layers of clothing! Thus, the airline refuses to accept his cheeky solution because that could lead to a medical emergency on board, something that has actually happened in the past when one traveler also wore several layers of clothes to avoid the excess baggage charges.

Because he refused to go away from the baggage counter, the airline staff had to call the cops on him. This led for him to be arrested. Williams claimed he was also sprayed with mace and was held on the ground before he was taken to the police station.

He was released after he provided his statement but, by then, the plane had already left without him. He bought new tickets to EasyJet for the following day.

Williams was able to get his luggage checked in on the EasyJet flight. He also passed through security but he was refused boarding at the gate due to the previous day’s incident which had delayed the British Airways plane by two hours.

An angry Williams vented his frustrations on Twitter, especially because he was now stuck in Iceland with no money and no luggage as well as his checked-in baggage flew right on schedule with the EasyJet flight.

Photo credit: Twitter / Ryan Hawaii

He was later able to catch a flight back to England aboard a Norwegian airline. The two airlines also gave him a refund after he publicly called them out on Twitter.

While he was able to sort the situation out and get his money back, his name will forever be written in modern history as that guy who got arrested and refused boarding by two different airlines for trying to avoid paying the excess baggage charges (although he claims he wasn’t avoiding the payment but just couldn’t afford the fees).

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