Do you have plenty of unused rubber bands scattered anywhere near you? Don’t throw them away yet! Rubber bands are more powerful and useful than you think. They always come in handy when you want to keep things together.

Usually, a rubber band has two destined paths–bound a stack of papers or color pens/markers. But don’t you know that there are many other ways to use rubber bands? From the kitchen to the garage, these little pieces of magic have far more uses than what we generally use them for…

It is time we had the chance to see their other uses and/or life hacks and try them out. This video was uploaded by YouTube user Howdini, a YouTube channel dedicated to providing viewers with how-to videos of all kinds.

Curious about the life hacks for rubber hands? Watch the video below and find out…

Which of these alternate uses of rubber bands grabbed your attention? Are you willing to try any of these? Let us know by leaving your comments below. If you learned something new from this helpful video, be sure to share it with your loved ones! Have a great day everyone!


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